I have wanted to share all our travel experiences as a Q family for a long time. It’s helping other families like ours go to different places in our world and have great experiences no matter what. I have goggled and tried to research queer travel agents, queer travel guides and anything related to queer travel with almost no results. So here we are. Q travellers with kids and going to share wit you all, how we travel, what we have as accessories and what places and people we have met along the way.

q family travel beach australia
On the beach – Australia

Q family travel experiences is going to take you with us on our fun times travelling the world but at the same time give you insights and helpful tips on travelling the world as a queer family.

I want to pre-warn you right now that we are travellers with kids (12 & 14) and yes we are a queer family but we are by no means the type of people or family that need to make a point of being queer or be over the top about being queer. We are simply ourselves and we do not need to announce to the places we stay or visit that we are gay and want you to know this. This is a whole other post that I might do a discussion on, talking about the different types of q peeps in our world – those who are getting on with their lives as they are and those who need acknowledgement everywhere they go so they announce loudly they are gay.

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