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snap power pack travel charger white for apple device

Snap Power Pack Travel Case

Travel Bundle

PowerPack Universal | PowerBase Go

Our Snap travel bundle arrived and it is exactly how it was advertised on Facebook and Instagram. 
You know when you go to buy something online you get scared at the quality, well that’s exactly what I thought about when I went to purchased this product. I was scared at what I would received for the cost of this travel charger.

But I am so excited and delighted to let you know it is of really good quality and is exactly what it says on the advertising.
I love the sleek design of a travel charger kit.
At first I was only interested in the actual travel charger and adaptors as we are going travelling to Europe this year. 

We are a family of four and we all have at least three devices each. I needed something durable and reliable but can be taken on the plane as well. This is the package that wins in all three categories.
Excellent design, comes with the travel case and adaptors. I also got the PowerBase Go as we have iPhone watches and Apple pods that need to be charged.
If you are interested in this package head on over the Snap Click Here and check out the range

Kooshy Kids Kooshion Kit

kooshy kids kooshion kit
complete kooshy kids kooshion kit

I hear what you’re saying these are for young toddlers traveling. Well we thought the same but like small kids we are short. 
Therefore our legs sometimes dangle or just touch the floor of the plane. The Kooshy Kids Kooshion Kit was an ad on Instagram and after watching the person explain how to use such cushions we were like oh yes both our kids and us adults can certainly make use of these air cushions for the plane.
We have older kids fourteen and twelve, both my partner and I are under 5 foot 5, so we know these will be great for stretching our legs out but not leaving our seat on the plane. 
We are travelling to Uk and Europe from Australia. Our first flight travelling to London from Australia with a stop over in Singapore – this flight is approx eight hours five minutes (8hr & 5 min).

Second flight from Singapore to London is thirteen hours and forty five minutes (13hr & 45 mins).

kooshy kids kooshion kit